The First Glimpse Into the types

Adding Light To Something Already Lit

Bob Cooley

Sperm Egg

More than two decades ago I discovered sixteen genetic personality types, I call them the sixteen geniuses. I have attempted to present the types to you by reproducing the exact words they use to describe themselves. As you read their words, your imagination can bring forth the inimitable lives, and intelligences of the 16 Genetic Personality types.

Once you know about types,
for the rest of your life,
anytime you meet anyone,
you will always think, and forever be unable not to think,
the indelible question:
"What type is this person?"

You probably conceptualized that I discovered the types by being a paleontologist at a remote archeological dig or as an academic researcher stumbling into rare scrolls in an ancient library, but nothing could be further from the truth. I originally and somewhat unintentionally discovered the types from within my own body, while attempting to rehabilitate myself from a tragic pedestrian automobile accident.

Knowing types affords a person knowledge that can be used to develop everyone that rarely occurs when not knowing types. This knowledge, a positive psychology, emerges giving everyone access to developing all four aspects of oneself - physically, psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually. Knowing types also helps everyone succeed at different types of relationships, occupations, diets, and experiencing different cultures and spiritual traditions from within oneself.

One of the most unexpected results of knowing types is instead of the expected pigeonholing occurring, the opposite occurs where everyone becomes viewed as even more individual than if you did not know about types. People are different types like how plants and other animals are different types, everyone needing unique conditions that are best for them to grow. Knowing types affords everyone to be validated and nurtured in the best possible ways.

What was I going to call these types? I decided to name each type by titling them with two of their most exceptional high personality traits. And why call the types geniuses? Because each type has salient, differentiable, and perquisite high intuitive insights, and a type of intelligence that are innately genius. Knowing types gives you the opportunity to know the genius in everyone.

To know about your type, you’ll need to know about all the types not just your own. I’m wondering... which one of the 16 types are you?

The Genius of Decision Making and Devotion
The Genius of Freedom and Humility
The Genius of Power and Truth
The Genius of Completion and Perfection
The Genius of Sobriety and Self-Knowing
The Genius of Communication and Peace
The Genius of Right Action and Unconditional Love
The Genius of Creativity and Affirmation
The Genius of Problem Solving and Mastery
The Genius of Intimacy and Will
The Genius of Openness and Judiciousness
The Genius of Challenges and Community
The Genius of Hope and Diversity
The Genius of Understanding and Humor
The Genius of Change and Integrity
The Genius of Healing and Soul

When the sperm fertilizes the egg,
the genetic blueprint of your personality type is formed,
and then your life shapes you but can never change what type you are.

The 16 Geniuses